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Hawks Athletics

Kestrel Heights K-8 School


Hawks Athletics

Kestrel Heights K-8 School

Hawks Athletics

Kestrel Heights K-8 School

Tuesday 9/19/2017 @ 4:00 PM
(A) Middle School Cross Country Jamboree


Some Kestrel runners had impressive finishes considering the number of runners that were competing. Check out boys and girls individuals and teams scores below:



Place Name School
1 Dylon Cone Endeavor
2 Tyler Surface Unattached
3 Aaron Caveney Durham Academy
4 Gabe Willis Triangle Cross Country
5 Colin Whelehan St. Michael’s
6 Miller Davenport Cary Christian
7 Liam O’Donnell The Franciscan School
8 Cade Jefferies Garner Homeschool
9 Luke Liming Triangle Cross Country
10 Devon Roberts Exploris
11 Devon Brady Our Lady of Lourdes
12 Richie Cash Franklin Academy
13 Rory Show Our Lady of Lourdes
14 Noah Masier Grace Christian School
15 Ryan Newham Cary Academy
16 Zach Florack Kestrel Heights
17 William Watso St. David’s School
18 No Card Turned In No Card Turned In
19 Max Bjerke The Franciscan School
20 Sebastian Polge Cary Academy
21 Austin Williams Exploris
22 Jared Cooper Cary Academy
23 Jack Gidley St. Michael’l
24 Colby Orr Franklin Academy
25 Gabriel Atkinson Garner Homeschool
26 Evan Freeman Magellan
27 Jaden Miller St. Raphael
28 Anil Chintapalli Triangle Cross Country
29 Riley Mans Triangle Cross Country
30 Caleb Atkins NRCA
31 Cameron Faucette Exploris
32 Alex Wagner St. Michael’s
33 Jonny Barta St. Mary Mag.
34 Willie Dunlap Exploris
35 Connor Barrett Durham Academy
36 Matthew Watson Cary Christian
37 Sam Bertam St. Mary Mag.
38 Michael Bornes Durham Academy
39 Brandon Sisson Ravenscroft
40 Colin Laskey The Franciscan School
41 Walker Ward St. David’s School
42 Burke White Cary Christian
43 Craig English St. David’s School
44 Ben Aston East Wake Academy

45 Grey Alspaugh Ravenscroft
46 Ethan Kring NRCA
47 Tanner Pate East Wake Academy
48 Wilder Lowrance St. Timothy’s School
49 Payne Thomas NRCA
50 Rhys Bloedon Cary Academy


Boys Team Results

1. Triangle Cross Country
2. Exploris
3. Cary Academy
4. Durham Academy
5. St. David’s School
6. The Franciscan School
7. St. Michael’s
8. Cary Christian
9. Our Lady of Lourdes
10. St. Mary Mag.

11. NRCA
12. Garner Homeschool
13. Magellan
14. East Wake Academy
15. Grace Christian
16. Ravenscroft
17. Endeavor
18. St. Raphael
19. St. Timothy’s
20. Trinity Academy
21. St. Thomas More
22. Cathedral
T 23 Incomplete – Cardinal Charter, Kestrel Heights, Franklin Academy, St. Catherine, Wake
Christian Academy



Place Name School
1 Sarah Mitchell Grace Christian School
2 Stella Stringer Durham Academy
3 Madeline Yancey St. Mary Mag.
4 Grace Mullany St. Michael’s
5 Madeline Wells Triangle Cross Country
6 Alex Ercolino Our Lady of Lourdes
7 Zoe King Ravenscroft
8 Riley Estep Cary Christian
9 Samantha Rydcewski St. Mary Mag.
10 Grace Camden NRCA
11 Sofia Taylor Grace Christian School
12 Caitlin Graham Endeavor
13 Leah McCroy NRCA
14 Jessica Richards East Wake Academy
15 Payton Lanasa Our Lady of Lourdes
16 Gabby Cailoa St. Thomas More
17 Samantha Florack Kestrel
18 Lily McKee St. Timothy’s
19 Varli Sherrill Endeavor
20 Hadley Turnee Endeavor
21 Loural Matin St. David’s
22 Emma Claire Broome St. Timothy’s
23 Haley Jefferies Wake Christian Academy
24 Eva Lueclee St. Michael’s
25 Lily Wright Triangle Cross Country
26 Mary Beth Doyle NRCA
27 Anna Laborde St. Mary Mag
28 Kiera Lumley Our Lady of Lourdes
29 Mia Destasio St. Mary Mag
30 Ashton Layh Magellan
31 Kai White NRCA
32 Jocelyn Martin Franklin Academy
33 Hannah Otto Cary Christian
34 Elizabeth Wang Durham Acaemy
35 Lily Gugleielmo St. Mary Mag
36 Tori Stonebreaher Cary Christian
37 Caly O’Toole Cardinal Charter Academy
38 Abby Diera St. Michael’s
39 Sheridan Ely Magellan
40 Carolyn Moore Our Lady of Lourdes
41 Trinity Academy
42 Gia Fenton Noriega The Franciscan School
43 Ashley Robey NRCA
44 Chloe Parkins St. Mary Mag.

45 Millie G. St. Thomas More
46 Nina Nugent St. Catherine
47 Gwen Albertson Exploris
48 Ellison Belk St. Timothy’s
49 Faith R. Cary Christian
50 Kendal G. Cary Academy


Girls Team Results

1. St. Mary Mag.
3. Our Lady of Lourdes
4. Cary Christian
5. St. Michael’s
6. St. Timothy’s
7. Magellan
8. Franklin Academy
9. Triangle Cross Country
10. Durham Academy

11. Ravenscroft
12. The Franciscan School
13. Grace Christian
14. St. Thomas More
15. Cardinal Charter Academy
16. Kestrel Heights
17. Trinity Academy
18. East Wake Academy
19. St. Catherine
20. St. David’s
21. St. Raphael
22. Garner Homeschool
T 23. Exploris, Endeavor, Wake Christian, Cathedral (All incomplete team scores)

St. Timothys School
Kestrel Heights K-8 School
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